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Leading the way to bone regenerative cell therapy using purified Mesenchymal Stem Cells 

Highly purified mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)
purely designed for safer cell therapy applications

REC (rapidly-expanding-cells) - our platform technology

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cell expansion

Obtain 10^12 highly purified cells within 12 weeks enabling cell therapy application at a low cost

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tissue compatible

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cell therapy

Less cell damage to organs using REC (clogging-free)

Proof-of-concept technology to differentiate cells suitable to treat bone-related diseases such as hypophosphatasia (PHH) and hernia


REC-MSC are already in preclinical trials for major bone cell therapy applications

with pharmaceutical partners

Hypophosphatasia is a genetic disorder that disrupts mineralization. Mineralization of calcium and phosphorous is critical for the health of bone and teeth. The disease causes reduced mobility, skeletal malformation and bone/joint pain. REC-MSC engraftment may provide a novel treatment avenue.

Spinal stenosis is a disease characterised by the narrowing of spaces in your spine, causing lower back and neck pain. Medication, physical therapy and surgery are common treatments. REC-MSC's may provide a regenerative treatment for this condition.


REC-MSC's are in preclinical trials for major bone cell therapy applications

with pharmaceutical partners

Hypophosphatasia (HPP)

Therapy for HPP is part of our key strategic portfolio. We are looking for global business partners and licensors. A clinical study in Japan is being led by Shimane University with a Japanese government grant (AMED) and key hospitals using PuREC's REC's. The global market size is $2.5bn.

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Clinician-led clinical trial (Phase I)

Spinal Canal Stenosis

Spinal Canal Stenosis is our second target with an $11bn global market. Research is underway in collaboration with Hokkaido University and Mochida Pharma in Japan, supported by a Japanese Government grant (AMED). An investigator-initiated clinical trial is expected. We are looking for global licensing and development partners.

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Clinician-led clinical trial (Phase I)

Joint diseases

We are looking into a large $11bn market size including osteoarthritis in collaboration with Mochida Pharmaceutical in Japan. We are looking for development partners for future licensing. 

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Our team

Our team is composed of interdisciplinary expertise

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