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About Us

PuREC solution 
An in-vivo REC-MSC encapsulation and targeted delivery system

PuREC specializes in regenerative therapeutic strategies using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs are multipotent cells that differentiate into various mesenchymal lineage cells, including bone. Alongside their multipotency, MSCs have low immunogenicity and proliferative capacity, making it a promising candidate for therapeutic intervention for bone related disorders. Methodological advancements in human bone marrow cells isolation have led to the extraction of extremely pure and rapidly expanding MSC population (Mabuchi et al., 2013). This clonal isolation is achieved by selecting cell surface markers related to enriched clonogenic cells. The extracted rapidly expanding cells (REC) exhibit self-renewal and multilineage differentiation, highly valued for regenerative therapy. Such cells can be used for targeted deliver for tissue repair and catalyze our body’s natural self-repair system. 

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